LIST OF GAZETTED OFFICERS AS ON 31.3.2013,  
                                        IN RESPECT OF PHE DEPARTMENT/SERVICE  
SI.No Name Designation/Post held Property Return
    & Place of Posting  
1 R.Lalfanliana Engineer -in-Chief  
2 Lalmuanzova Chief Engineer  
3 C.Lalremsiama Chief Engineer (M & I ) /downloads/file/145
4 Lalhmachhuana Superintending Engineer,Sewerage&Sanitation  /downloads/file/138
5 C.Lallunghnema Superintending Engineer,Rural WATSAN Circle  
6 H.C.Lalnunzira Superintending Engineer,(P&W)  
7 F.Liantluanga Superintending Engineer,Aiawl WATSAN Circle /downloads/file/133
8 C.Chawnghnuna Superintending Engineer,Joint Secretary  
9 Lalrothanga Director,CCDU  
10 Anup Chhetry Superintending Engineer(M),Chief engeneer (M&I)  
11 Lalmalsawma Superintending Engineer,Champhai WATSAN circle  
12 Zotawnlien Joute Deputy Director (Admn)  
13 Pi.Lalfakzuali Superintending,CE Office  
14 Lalrammawia Superintending Engineer(INV.)C>E (M&I) Office  
15 H.Duhkima Superintending Engineer(M),C.E (M&I) Office  
16 F.Lalrinsanga Executive Engeneer (W),Engineer -in-Chief Office  
17 N.B Thapa Executive Engeneer (P),Champhai WATSAN  
18 Zodinthari Executive Engeneer(P),S>E Aizawl WATSAN  
19 H.B Chakma Executive Engeneer,Hnahthial WATSAN  
20 Ngentluanga Executive Engeneer,Lawngtlai WATSAN  
21 C.Zirkhuma Executive EngeneerLunglei  WATSAN Circle  
22 C.Lianthangpuia State Co ordinator CCDU  
23 Lalropuia Executive Engeneer,Aizawl Water Transmission  
24 K.Zohmingliana Executive Engeneer,Champhai WATSAN  
25 Lalrinzuala Ralte Executive Engeneer,Rural WATSAN Division  
26 Lalzawmliana Executive Engeneer,Lunglei Water Supply  
27 Pahmingthanga Executive Engeneer,Aizawl Water Supply Project  
28 Thanchungnunga Under Secretary,(Tech.)PHE  
29 H.Lalsiamliana Executive Engeneer,mamit WATSAN Division  
30 Lalthanzuali Executive Engeneer(P),Sewerage & Sanitation   
31 F.Lalsanglura Executive Engeneer,Kolasib WATSAN Division  
32 Lalhruaia Executive EngeneerSerchhip WATSAN Division /downloads/file/134
33 Lalropuia Hmar Executive Engeneer,Ground Water & Quality  
34 H.Lallianmawia Executive EngeneerSaiha WATSAN Division  
35 Lalsanga Executive Engeneer(P),Rural WATSAV to E-in-C /downloads/file/140
36 C.Ramthanga Executive Engeneer(M),Chief Engineer(M&I)  
37 S.K.Sarkar Executive Engeneer(P),Engineer in Chief  
38 K.Vanlalnghaka Executive Engeneer(P-II),Chief Engineer  
39 C.Lalhmahruaia Executive Engeneer,Sewerage&Drainage  
40 K.Sachho Executive Engeneer,Rural WATSAN Division,Lunglei  
41 C.Lalhmachhuana Executive Engeneer,Khawzawl WATSAN Division  
42 Haelen Rodingliani Executive Engeneer(M),Chief Engineer(M&I)  
43 Netralal Jaisi Executive Engeneer(P-I),Chief Engineer Office /downloads/file/139
44 J.Kapkima Executive Engeneer,Sewerage & Drainage  
45 H.Lalnunthanga Executive Engeneer(P-I),Chief Engineer Office  
46 Lalruatkima Hydrogeologist,Chief Engineer(M&I) Office  
47 Zoliansanga Assistant Engineer,S.E Aizawl WATSAN  
48 C.Lalchhuanmawia SDO,East Lungdar  
49 Laltlanchhunga SDO,Transmission Lunglei Water Supply /downloads/file/142
50 Allan Lalthalura SDO,Rural WATSAN Sub-Division,Lunglei  
51 Z.D Dengthuama SDO,Saitual Sub Division  
52 Lalzuimawii SDO(TC),WATSAN Sub-Division,Aizawl  
53 C.Zothantluanga SDO,Aizawl Water Supply Project Sub Division /downloads/file/146
54 Helen Saibuangi SDO,Khawzawl Sub-Division  
55 Isaac Lalchhuanmawia SDO,Lunglei Water Distribution Sub Division  
56 Lalrosangi Assistant Engineer,Chief Engineer Office  
57 Z.R.Thasangzuala SDO,Saiha Sub-Division  
58 Liantluanga Chohte SDO,AIzawl Water Distribution Sub Division 'S'  
59 Viasai Solo SDO,Aizawl Water Sub-Division 'N'  
60 C.Lalchawimawia SDO,Khawbung  
61 K.Lalrintluanga SDO,Mech.Sub-Division Aizawl Water  
62 V.Laldanmawia SDO,Serchhip Maintenance Sub-Division /downloads/file/144
63 Lalmuankima SDO,W.phaileng  
64 Samuel L.R Ralte SDO,Aizawl Water Supply Project S-Division North  
65 Jerome Lalremtluanga SDO,Hnahthial Sub-Division  
66 Lalawmpuia Sawthly SDO,Lawngtlai Sub Division  
67 Lalpektluanga SDO,Rural WATSAN Sub-Division,Aizawl  
68 Lalhruaitluanga SDO,Mamit Sub-Division  
69 Martin Lalrinsanga SDO,Champhai Sub-Division  
70 R.Zoramsangi SDO(TC),Sewerage&Drainage Aizawl  
71 Malcolm Lalhmingliana SDO(TC),Aizawl Water Supply Project Division  
72 Lalnunfela Assistant Engineer,Champhai WATSAN Circle  
73 R.Laltleipuii Assistant Engineer,Chief Engineer (M&I) to E-in-c  
74 Ruby Lalremruati SDO(TC),Kolasib Division  
75 C.Lalzidinga SDO,Rural WATSAN Sub Division /downloads/file/147
76 Lalzakhama Assistant Engineer,S.E Rural WATSAN Circle  
77 Lalzarliana SDO,Ngopa Sub-Division  
78 Lalbiaknikimi SDO,Ground Water Sub-Division  
79 Darthangvunga SDO(TC),Aizawl Water Distribution Division  
80 Ronghaka SDO(TC),Lunglei Water Supply Maintenance  
81 K.Lalkima SDO(TC),Rural WATSAN Division,Lunglei  
82 Lalsawmliana Hauhnar SDO,Kolasib WATSAN Division  
83 K.Lalhmingmawia Assistant Engineer,Lunglei WATSAN circle  
84 F.Lalfakawma Assistant EngineerControl Room Aizawl Water Div  
85 B.David Lallawmpuia SDO,Darlawn Sub-Division  
86 L.H.Mama SDO,Chawngte Sub-Division  
87 Rohmingliana SDO,Aizawl Water transmission Sub-Division  
88 Lalchhanhima Assistant Engineer,Rural WATSAN circle /downloads/file/141
89 T.Thangchhuana SDO,Quality Control  
90 K.Rochhuma SDO,Zawlnuam  
91 Zoramliana SDO,Tlabung  
92 Snehansu Dey SDO,Rural Saiha  
93 L.Zatluanga Assistant Engineer,Chief Engineer Office  
94 J.F.lalramnghaka SDO(TC),Chawngte  
95 P.C.Biakmawia Senior Chemist,SRI Aizawl  
96 C.Lalromawia Senior Chemist,District Lab.Saiha  
97 T.Pahlira Senior Chemist,District Lab.Kolasib /downloads/file/143
98 Lalngaihawma Senior Chemist,District Lab.Lawngtlai  
99 Vanlalsawma Deputy Director(Accts)  
100 M.C.Hrangchema D.A,Rural WATSAN Division,Aizawl  
101 Lalhlimliana D.A,Aizawl Water Supply Project Division  
102 Lalmuankima D.A,Aizawl Water Transmission Division  
103 F.Lalsangliana D.A,Hnahthial Division  
104 Rosangliana D.A,Khawzawl Division  
105 C.Lalmalsawmi D.A,kolasib Division  
106 Lalhmangaiha D.A,Lunglei Water Supply maintanace Division   
107 Roenga D.A,Ground Water&Quality Control Division  
108 C.Lalnuntluanga D.A,Serchhip Division  
109 Thansiami Hmar D.A,Aizawl Wate Distribution Division  
110 Lallungkhama D.A,Rural WATSAN Division,Lunglei  
111 Lalchharmawia Pachuau D.A,Saiha Division  
112 K.Lalhlunchhungi D.A,Lawngtlai Division  
113 Lalduhawma D.A,Sewege & Drainage Division  
114 H.Vanlalhruaia D.A,Champhai Division  
115 Rosangzuali D.A,Mamit Division  

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