Sl.No. Name Designation/Post held & Place of Posting Property Return
1 2 3 4
1 Dr. K, Ropari Supertime ‘B’  
Director of Health Services
2 Dr. Rohmingthanga Ralte Special Grade,  
Jt. Director of Health Services(P)
3 Dr. Malsawma Special Grade  
Dy.Director (Blindness)
4 Dr. Lalvawna Special Grade,  
Dy.Director(Gen), DHS
5 Dr. Vanlalhruaii Special Grade,  
State TB Officer(RNTCP)
6 Dr. Chawngthansiami Special Grade,  
State Leprosy Officer, DHS
7 Dr. C.Zarzoliana Special Grade,  
Jt.Director of Health Services(FW)
8 Dr.Lalthantluanga Chawngthu Special Grade,  
C.M.O., Aizawl East.
9 Dr. _ Ngente Special Grade,  
C.M.O., Aizawl West
10 Dr. F.Lallianhlira Special Grade,  
Jt. Director of Health Services(FW)
11 Dr. Gordon Zohmingthanga Special Grade,  
Mission Director(NRHM), DHS
12 Dr. H.Lalchungnunga Special Grade,  
Dy.Director(CMS), Zemabawk
13 Dr. H.C.Thangkima Special Grade,  
C.M.O., Lawngtlai Dist.
14 Dr. C.Zirliana Special Grade,  
C.M.O, Champhai Dist.
15 Dr. Lalhlimpuia Special Grade,  
C.M.O., Kolasib Dist.
16 Dr. L.V.Lalchhanhimi Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Lunglei
17 Dr. R.Lalthanga Special Grade,  
18 Dr. C. Lalzepuii Special Grade,  
Dy. Director(Malaria), DHS
19 Dr. VLMS Dawngliana Special Grade,  
C.M.O., Lunglei Dist.
20 Dr. Laldawngliana Sailo Special Grade,  
C.M.O, Serchhip Dist.
21 Dr. Vanlalsawma Special Grade,  
C.M.O., Mamit Dist.
22 Dr. Lalremmawii Special Grade,  
S.M.O., Lunglei Dist.
23 Dr. H.T. Phosa Special Grade,  
C.M.O, Saiha Dist.
24 Dr. Lalduhawma Special Grade,D.I.O., Aizawl “E”  
25 Dr. Hmingthanmawii Special Grade,  
Asst. Director(SH), DHS
26 Dr. Vanlalfela Special Grade,  
S.M.O., Aizawl ‘W’
27 Dr. Chawngthanchhunga Special Grade,  
S.M.O., Civil Hospital, Aizawl
28 Dr. H.Sai_ Special Grade,  
    Thingsulthliah CHC
29 Dr. Vanlalauva Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
30 Dr. Lalramliana Special Grade,  
DMS, Kolasib Hospital
31 Dr. H.B. James Special Grade,  
S.M.O., Mamit Dist.
32 Dr. Zothankhuma Chhakchhuak Special Grade,  
Dy. PD(MSACS), Aizawl
33 Dr. Lalthlengliani Special Grade,  
Referral Hospital, Falkawn
34 Dr. Vanlalnghaki Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
35 Dr. Thani Pachuau Special Grade,  
D.T.O, Aizawl
36 Dr. R.Lalawmpuia Special Grade,  
DMS, Serchhip Hospital
37 Dr. Lalparliani Special Grade,  
1st Bn. MAP, Armed Veng
38 Dr. Lily Y.Chhakchhuak Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
39 Dr. Lalthlamuana Special Grade,  
S.M.O. Chawngte CHC
40 Dr. Pachuau Lalmalsawma Special Grade,  
41 Dr. R.Lianmawia Special Grade,  
S.M.O, Champhai Dist.
42 Dr. Lalzawmi Special Grade,  
43 Dr. Lalthanpuii Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
44 Dr. Zaihmingthanga Fanai Special Grade,  
CTI, Sesawng.
45 Dr.Hnichho Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Saiha
46 Dr. Lalbiaksiami Special Grade,  
Kulikawn Hospital
47 Dr. Fabiola Khargonkhar Special Grade,  
Kulikawn Hospital
48 Dr. Lalnuntluangi Khiangte Special Grade,  
Khawzawl CHC
49 Dr. L.P.Malsawma Special Grade,  
Hnahthial CHC
50 Dr. Lalawmpuia Chhangte Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
51 Dr. T.Lalrochunga Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Lunglei
52 Dr. R.K.Lalthlamuana Special Grade,  
Zawlnuam PHC
53 Dr. Lalrinthangi Special Grade,  
Referral Hospital, Falkawn
54 Dr. Ch. Laldinpuia Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
55 Dr. Lalhlunpuii Special Grade,  
Dist. Hospital, Serchhip
56 Dr. Laldinpuii Ralte Special Grade,  
Darlawn PHC
57 Dr. C.Zohmingliani Special Grade,  
Civil Hopital, Aizawl
58 Dr. Lalhmingliana Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
59 Dr. R.K.Thangchhunga Special Grade,  
DTO, Lunglei
60 Dr. Lalringmaia Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
61 Dr. Biakthansangi Special Grade,  
62 Dr. Lalnuntluangi Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
63 Dr. Saichhingpuii Sailo Special Grade,  
MSCI, Zemabawk
64 Dr. P.C.Lalhmingliana Special Grade,  
Sangau PHC
65 Dr. J.Zolawmzuala Special Grad,  
Saitual CHC
66 Dr. Lallawmpuii Special Grade,  
Civil Hospsital, Aizawl
67 Dr. Lalbiaktluangi Special Grade,  
DMS, Dist. Hospital, Champhai
68 Dr. Zonunsiama Special Grade,  
69.. Dr. F.Lalnundanga Special Grade,  
Dist. Hospital, Champhai
70 Dr. David _ Special Grade,  
Lengpui CHC
71 Dr. Vanlalhruaia Special Grade,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
72 Dr. K. Rakhu Grade – I,  
S.M.O, Tlabung
73 Dr. Lalnunziri Grade – I,  
Civil  Hospital, Saiha
74 Dr. S. Thaizi Grade – I,  
Civil  Hospital, Lunglei
75 Dr. T.Lalrintluanga Grade – I,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
76 Dr. R.Lalchhuanawma Grade – I,  
Bairabi PHC
77 Dr. P.B.Zodingliana Grade – I,  
1st I.R. Bn. Mualvum
78 Dr. Cecelia Lalramhlui Grade – I,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
79 Dr. Varkung Valte Grade – I,  
On Deputation to JNIMSS, Imphal
80 Dr. Lalbiakdiki Grade – I, Civil Hospital, Aizawl  
81 Dr. Lalduhawmi Chawngthu Grade – I,  
Kulikawn Hospital (PPU)
82 Dr. Lalthanglawta Grade – I,  
Dist. Hospital, Champhai
83 Dr. Zochhuanawmi Grade – I,  
Dist. Hospital, Lawngtlai
84 Dr. T.C.Hmingthangi Grade – I,  
85 Dr. H.Lalmuankimi Grade – I,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
86 Dr. Rozine Heizi Grade – I,  
Civil Hospital, Saiha
87 Dr. R.Lalnienga Grade – I,  
5th I.R. Lungverh
88 Dr.Lalmuanawma Jongte Grade – I,  
N.Vanlaiphai PHC
89 Dr. F.Lalthakimi Grade – I,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
90 Dr. Esther Syuhlo Grade – I,  
3rd Bn. MAP, Mualpui
91 Dr. Z.D.Lalmuanawma Grade – I,  
Dist. Hospital, Serchhip
92 Dr. R.Lalnuntluanga Grade – I,  
Civil Hospital, Lunglei
93 Dr. Ramdinthari Grade –I,  
Dist. Hospital, Kolasib
94 Dr. Catherine Lalmuanawmi Grade –I,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
95 Dr. Walter Lalnuntluanga Grade –I,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
96 Dr. Lallawmkimi Chhakchhuak Grade –I,  
Biate CHC
97 Dr. K.Lalhmachhuana Grade –I,  
Civil Hospital, Lunglei
98 Dr. Vabeilysa Grade –I,  
Civil Hospital, Saiha
99 Dr. Vanlalngheti Grade-III,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
100 Dr. Robert Lalfakzuala Grade-III,  
Dist. Hospital, Serchhip
101 Dr. Lalruatpuii Hlawnmual Grade-III,  
Civil Hospital, Lunglei
102 Dr. Rita Zoramthari Grade-III,  
Sialsuk PHC
103 Dr. Hmingthanmawii Grade-III,  
Civil Hospital, Aizawl
104 Dr. Cindy Lalthanpuii Grade-III,  
Dist. Hospital, Kolasib
105 Dr. Zonunsangi Grade-III,  
Dist. Hospital, Mamit
106 Dr. Vanzarliani Grade-III,  
Kulikawn Hospital
107 Dr. Malsawmtluangi Ralte Grade-III,  
DTC, Aizawl
108 Dr. Lalremruata Grade-III,  
Haulawng PHC
109 Dr. Lalhriatzuali Ralte Grade-III,  
Central Jail
110 Dr. Lalrengpuii Ralte Grade-III,  
Hnahthial CHC
111 Dr. Lalmuankimi Grade-III,  
Ngopa CHC
112 Dr. V.lalremruata Grade-III,  
2nd I.R. Bn. Khawzawl