Our Mission:  

1.  To apprise all the Government servants under the Government of Mizoram to abide with the provisions contained in the CCS(Conduct) Rules, 1964  to be honest and clean in the discharge of their public duties and their capacity building for better management in governance under their respective charge.

2.  To apprise and advice all concerned Controlling officers for appropriate and correct enforcement of the provisions contained in the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965

3.  To inculcate and inspire the spirit of Conduct Rules in the minds of the Government servants so as to make them serve in the governance for the Citizens Corruption Free

 Our Vision:

1.  To study and analyze Corruption impact amongst the society within the state and to let them know its harmful and deteriorating impact.

2.  To evolve strategies to eradicate any form of Corruption activities within the state.

3.  To make the Citizens aware of their rights and to share their views and suggestion to uplift the Citizens in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities as a Citizen of the State.