Sl.No Name Designation/Post
held & Place of
Property Return
1 P. Lalchhuanga Director, Directorate of School Education  
2 B. Lalchhuanliana Jt. Director, Directorate of School Education  
3 J.H. Biakmawia Jt. Director, Directorate of School Education  
4 K. Lalrintluanga Jt. Director, Directorate of School Education  
5 V. Ruatsanga Deputy Director (Admn) Directorate of School Education  
6 Sangliana Deputy Director (Accts)Directorate of School Education  
7 V. Lalhmingliana Deputy Director, Directorate of School Education  
8 Laldangliana Deputy Director, Directorate of School Education  
9 F.B. Liana Deputy Director (Adult)Directorate of School Education  
10 Thanchungnungi Superintendent, Directorate of School
11 Lalmuankima Superintendent, Directorate of School
12 Uday Kumar Superintendent, Directorate of School
13 Thanhlupuia Research Officer, Directorate of School Education  
14 R. Lalrikhuma Assistant Enginneer, Directorate of School Education  
15 F.Zokima P.E.O., Directorate of School Education  
16 C. Lalmalsawmi S.F.A., Directorate of School Education  
17 Vanlalnghaka CPEO, Deputed as P/S to Speaker  
18 V. Biaksanga CPEO, Directorate of School Education  
19 Vanlalrema CPEO, Directorate of  School Education  
20 Vanlalsawma CPEO, Directorate of
School Education
21 H. Sanglura CPEO, Directorate of
School Education
22 K. Rokima CPEO, Directorate of School Education  
23 Lalremliani CPEO, Directorate of School Education  
24 David Lalthanngura Sailo CPEO, Deputed P.A as P.S to CM  
25 B. Lungmuana DAEO, Aizawl West  
26 Lalthanzauvi DAEO, Aizawl East  
27 B. Lianthlira DEO, Aizawl  
28 Lalduna Chinzah DEO, Lawngtlai  
29 R. Kapzauva DEO, Kolasib  
30 Zolawma DEO, Serchhip  
31 ST. Zaduna DEO, Saiha  
32 R. Lalthakima DEO, Lunglei  
33 Lalhmachhuana SDEO deployed as DPC, SSA  
34 Zohmingthanga SDEO deployed as DPC, Aizawl,SSA  
35 K.C. _ SDEO, Aizawl West  
36 Lalrambuatsaiha SDEO, Kolasib  
37 Lawmawma SDEO, Champhai  
38 Lalramthianghlima SDEO, Deployed as DPC, SSA, Kolasib  
39 Zoliani Hnamte SDEO, Aizawl East  
40 Zohmingthanga Colney SDEO, West Phaileng  
41 Lalrammawia Colney CEO i/c DEO, Mamit  
42 Lallianzuali Bawitlung CEO i/c SDEO, Serchhip  
43 P.C. Lalngaizuala CEO i/c SDEO, Saitual  
44 C. Lalbiakzauva CEO i/c SDEO ,Hnahthial  
45 R. Lalthanmawia CEO i/c SDEO, N. Vanlaiphai  
46 _ CEO i/c DPC, Champhai  
47 Liansanga Pautu CEO i/c SDEO Khawzawl  
48 B. Lalkhumchhinga CEO i/c SDEO Lungsen  
49 Thuamliana CEO i/c SDEO Thenzawl  
50 K. Lalnunfela CEO i/c SDEO Kawrthah  
51 R. Laldawngliana CEO , Deployed as DPC Lunglei  
52 Lalsikula CEO i/c SDEO Aizawl 'S'  
53 C. Lalthanzira CEO i/c DPC, Serchhip  
54 R. Lalenkawla CEO i/c SDEO Mamit  
55 Vanlalchhana CEO i/c SDEO Lunglei'S'  
56 K. Lalsiamliani CEO i/c SDEO Kawnpui  
57 H. Sangthanga CEO i/c SDEO Lunglei 'N'  
58 J.R. Lalhruaitluanga CEO i/c SDEO Darlawn  
59 C. Liansanga Hindi Propogation Officer  
60 Lalchungnunga Hindi Propogation Officer  
61 Malsawma Pautu Hindi Propogation Officer  
62 Lalhmingthanga Hindi Propogation Officer  
63 C. Lalrampana Hindi Propogation Officer  
64 Dohmingthanga Principal, MICE  
65 Lalthangmawia Principal, Mamawii G. HSS  
66 V.S. Mathew Principal, Mamit HSS  
67 C. Hrangthuama Principal, Saiha HSS  
68 K. Wilson Principal, Kawrthah HSS  
69 Lalthanzama Principal, Mizo HSS,
70 P.C. Lalhmangaihzuala Principal, Region HSS,
71 C. Thanga Principal, Chaltlang HSS  
72 F.P. Laikhama Principal, Zemabawk HSS  
73 Vanlalhruaia Sailo Principal, G.M. HSS, Champhai  
74 Vanlalchhanhimi Principal, Leitlangpui HSS  
75 R. Lalbiakthuama Principal, J.L. HSS  
76 Wilfred Pahlira Principal, K.M. HSS  
77 Zolianlunga Principal, Republic HSS  
78 Zairemveli Principal, Saitual HSS  
79 Lalramchhana V. Principal, Serchhip HSS  
80 K. Vanlalroluahtuma V. Principal, Lunglei HSS  
81 Lungngailova Colney V. Principal, MICE HSS  
82 Zoramliana Zadeng V. Principal, J.L HSS  
83 Janardhan Tripathi V. Principal, Mizo HSS  
84 Lalnunzira Miller V. Principal, K.M. HSS  
85 Thomas Lalchhanhima V. Principal, Central HSS  
86 K. Pazawna V. Principal, G.M. HSS,Champhai  
87 C. Lalthangpuii V. Principal, Republic HSS  
88 Laltinkhumi Hnamte V. Principal, Hnahthial HSS  
89 Grace Lalchhawntluangi V. Principal, Chaltlang HSS  
90 Lalrinpuii Chhangte Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
91 Lalrinkima Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
92 C.Lalhliapa Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
93 Ramsangliani Hrangchal Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
94 C.Lalmuanpuii Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
95 C.Vanhmingliana Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
96 Lalnithanga Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
97 H.Lalrinpuii Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
98 Lalrinpuii Hlondo Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
99 Rebecca Lalnunsiami Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
100 Lalremmawii Hmar Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
101 E.Lalrindiki Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
102 Zothanzawna Zote Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
103 Vanlalsiami Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
104 C.Lalrintluangi Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
105 Lalnunhluna Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
106 Ruth L.Hrangchal Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
107 Vanlalsangi Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
108 Judy Vanlalruati Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
109 Lalsangpuii Fanai Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
110 Zothanpuii Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
111 Rotluangi Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
112 P.C Lalthanzami Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
113 Lianduna Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
114 H.Lalruatliana Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
115 Zohmingliana Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
116 _ Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
117 David Zaikhumtluanga Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
118 Lalthanmawia Ralte Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
119 E.Lalkhumtira Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
120 Zohmingliana Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
121 Lalbiakkima Ralte Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
122 Lalbiakliani Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
123 Liza Lalmalsawmi Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
124 Lalzuithangi Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
125 Lalhminghlui Lecturer, Govt. Mizo HSS  
126 V.Lalchhuanawmi Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
127 Zarzoliani Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
128 Khawlhringliana Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
129 R.Vanlalawmpuia Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
130 H. Lalrinsangi Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
131 Lalthazuali Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
132 Zonunsanga Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
133 H.Ramthianghlima Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
134 Lalchungnungi Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
135 Zodinthari Ralte Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
136 Vanlaltanpuia Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
137 K.C.Lalvulluaia Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
138 R.Ramnunsangi Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
139 R.Ngurthanzami Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
140 Lalrosangi Ralte Lecturer, Govt. K.M. HSS  
141 Zothanpari Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
142 Lalbiaksangi Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
143 Hmingthanzuali Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
144 _ Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
145 Vanlalruata Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
146 Lalhmingmawia Ralte Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
147 R.Vanlalhruaii Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
148 Lallawmzuali Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
149 Z.D.Lalhriata Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
150 C.Lalchhuanmawia Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
151 H.Lalrinpuii Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
152 H.C.Biakchungnunga Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
153 P.C.Thanhranga Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
154 F.Vanlalhriata Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
155 Noel Lalthlenpuii Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
156 Lalhmachhuana Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
157 K.Rohmingliana Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
158 Lalchhuanmawii Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
159 Lalthansangi Fanai Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
160 Rosangtuali Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
161 Dr. Balram Singh Pankaj Lecturer, Govt. Republic HSS  
162 C.Lalngaihzuali Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
163 Nathaly Sailo Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
164 Lalrinsangi Fanai Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
165 Lalmuanpuii Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
166 H.Ngurthansanga Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
167 Lalremruati Rokhum Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
168 V. Lalchhuanawma Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
169 Zonunpuia Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
170 Thang khansiam Ngaihte Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
171 Monica Ramdingliani Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
172 Lalbiakmawii Hmar Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
173 Lalparvuli Sailo Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
174 Glory Lalhlupuii Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
175 Lalchhanhimi Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
176 Daisy Vanlalbiaknungi Lecturer, Govt. Mamawii HSS  
177 Lalnunpari Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
178 J.H. Zomuani Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
179 John Zoliana Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
180 Rosangpuii Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
181 Lalzikpuii Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
182 Vanlalthlana Ralte Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
183 Brenda Ngurthanzami Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
184 K.Zomuana Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
185 Lalrochunga Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
186 Laldingliani Sailo Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
187 Chhuanmawia Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
188 C. Rodinthara Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
189 Lalbiakhluna Lecturer, Govt. Central HSS  
190 Lalnunmawii Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
191 F.Lalthazovi Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
192 Lynda Vanlalhruaii Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
193 H.Lalhmunliana Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
194 Ramnunsangi Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
195 Lalrammawii Sailo Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
196 Lalthankhumi Sailo Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
197 Lalchhuankima Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
198 Malsawmpari Ralte Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
199 V.Vungliana Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
200 T.C.Lalhlimawma Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
201 Lalchhuansanga Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
202 Vanlalzawni Sailo Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
203 Daniel Vanlalnghaka Lecturer, Govt. J.L. HSS  
204 Lalrinzuali Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
205 Lalremdiki Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
206 Lalramsanga Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
207 Vanlalzuata Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
208 Lalhlimzuali Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
209 K.Lalawmpuii Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
210 Zangura Hnamte Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
211 Lalthanzuala Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
212 Malsawmdingliani Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
213 Lalrammuanpuia Hnamte Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
214 P.C.Ronihtlinga Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
215 T.Lalrinliani Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
216 Vanlalengi Ralte Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
217 Sangeeta Gurung Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
218 Lalremsangi Hmar Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
219 Zionparlawma Lecturer, M.I.C.E  
220 Rotluangi Chawngthu Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
221 Lalruatzuali Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
222 Zosangliani Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
223 Lalrinngheti Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
224 Dr.HVL Ringa Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
225 Lalbiakkunga Joute Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
226 Zothansangi Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
227 H.Lalsangzuala Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
228 Vanhmingliani Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
229 H.Lalliantluanga Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
230 Hmingthanmawii Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
231 Lallawmsangi Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
232 Paul C.Lalrongenga Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
233 S.Lallawmzuala Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
234 Dr.Eli Lalhmangaihzuali Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
235 R.Lalmuanpuii Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
236 Lalramengi Ralte Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
237 Lalfakzuali Hmar Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
238 Zoramhmangaiha Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
239 C.Laldinliana Lecturer, Govt. Chaltlang HSS  
240 K.Lalchhuanmawii Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
241 Zothanpari Pautu Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
242 Irene Lalchhanhimi Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
243 Lalliantluanga Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
244 P.C.Lalthanchuanga Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
245 R.C.Lalruatchhunga Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
246 David Lalthlanliana Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
247 Zomuankima Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
248 Kapzauva Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
249 Lalrammawia Sailo Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
250 Vanlalremi Chhangte Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
251 Vandingliani Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
252 Lalremi Ralte Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
253 J.Hmingchhuanga Lecturer, Govt. Zemabawk HSS  
254 C.Lalbiaknungi Lecturer, Govt. Saitual HSS  
255 F.Malsawmdawngliana Lecturer, Govt. Saitual HSS  
256 K.Lalnunmawii Lecturer, Govt. Saitual HSS  
257 H.Lalhmangaihzuala Lecturer, Govt. Saitual HSS  
258 T.Lalchhuanmawia Lecturer, Govt. Saitual HSS  
259 K.Lalhriata Lecturer, Govt. Saitual HSS  
260 Thangthuama Lecturer, Govt. Saitual HSS  
261 Zohmangaiha Tochhawng Lecturer, Govt. Saitual HSS  
262 Lalramenga Sailo Lecturer, Govt. Saitual HSS  
263 Barbara Zothantluangi Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
264 Rinthanzuali Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
265 T.C.Lalthazuali Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
266 Baby Lalsangzuali Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
267 Lalzarliani Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
268 K. Lalhmangaiha Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
269 Vanlalruati Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
270 K.Lalremsiami Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
271 R.K.Sanghmingliana Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
272 H. Lalchhuangliana Lecturer, Govt.Serchhip HSS  
273 Anne Zohmingthangi Lecturer, Govt.G.M. HSS, Champhai  
274 Noel Zirkungi Lecturer, Govt.G.M. HSS, Champhai  
275 Lalthantluanga Tochhawng Lecturer, Govt.G.M. HSS, Champhai  
276 C.Vanlalchhuanga Lecturer, Govt.G.M. HSS, Champhai  
277 Charles Romalsawma Lecturer, Govt.G.M. HSS, Champhai  
278 K.Hrangdawla Lecturer, Govt.G.M. HSS, Champhai  
279 Lalhlimpuii Lecturer, Govt.G.M. HSS, Champhai  
280 C.Laltani Lecturer, Govt.G.M. HSS, Champhai  
281 Lalrammawii Lecturer, Govt.G.M. HSS, Champhai  
282 Lalthakimi Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
283 Zothanpari Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
284 T.Rosiama Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
285 C.Lalremruati Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
286 R.Laltanpuia Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
287 Baby T.Zosangliani Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
288 R.Lalthansanga Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
289 Ch.Lalremkunga Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
290 H.Zomawii Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
291 Lalmuanzuala Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
292 F.Lalhmangaihsanga Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
293 Lalawmpuia Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
294 R.Vanlalsiama Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
295 Lalrampari Hmar Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
296 H.Tlanchhuahkima Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
297 Vanlalsiami Tlau Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
298 Lalhmachhuani Lecturer, Govt. Lunglei. HSS  
299 C.Lalhlimpuii Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
300 Lalrinchhana Ralte Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
301 K.L.Lalhriatpuii Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
302 Lucy Lalremsangi Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
303 Zothanzuali Ralte Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
304 C.Lalhmangaihzuali Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
305 H.Lalnuntluanga Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
306 T.Lalhlimpuia Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
307 Lalmuanpui Pachuau Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
308 KC.Zoliana Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
309 H.C.Lalsangvunga Lecturer, Govt. Leitlangpui. HSS, Lunglei  
310 H.Lalrinchhana Lecturer, Govt. Hnahthial. HSS  
311 Rotluanga Lecturer, Govt. Hnahthial. HSS  
312 Vanlalduhi Lecturer, Govt. Hnahthial. HSS  
313 Zothanpara Lecturer, Govt. Hnahthial. HSS  
314 Hrathmingthanga Lecturer, Govt. Mamit HSS  
315 Biakchungnunga Lecturer, Govt. Mamit HSS  
316 V.L.Venkima Lecturer, Govt. Kawrthah  HSS  
317 K.P.Singh Lecturer, Govt. Kawrthah  HSS  
318 Hmingthanzauvi Varte Lecturer, Govt. Kawrthah  HSS  
319 Lalremmawia Khiangte Lecturer, Govt. Kawrthah  HSS  
320 Vanlalhmuaki Khiteng Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
321 Lalhrezuala Hnialum Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
322 Lalnunsema Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
323 Th.Tlangparlawmi Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
324 C.Vanlalringi Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
325 Lalrochhari Ralte Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
326 J.B.Lalthanpuii Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
327 Marina Lalhuzami Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
328 Lalrozaii Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
329 Vanlalnghawrliani Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
330 Laldinmawii Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
331 Lalhlimpuii Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
332 PT Laljeniara Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
333 Sangrikhuma Lecturer, Govt. Region  HSS, Lawngtlai  
334 Lalduhliana Lecturer, Govt. Kamalanagar  HSS, Chawngte  
335 Lalthanpari Lecturer, Govt. Kamalanagar  HSS, Chawngte  
336 Pulen Goswami Lecturer, Govt. Kamalanagar  HSS, Chawngte  
337 C.Zohmingliana Lecturer, Govt. Kamalanagar  HSS, Chawngte  
338 Laldammawia Lecturer, Govt. Kamalanagar  HSS, Chawngte  
339 R.Ramtharliana Lecturer, Govt. Kamalanagar  HSS, Chawngte  
340 MPK Vathana Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
341 K.Lalhunthari Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
342 Y.Nalini Devi Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
343 H.Vanlaltanpuia Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
344 C.Rodinliana Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
345 R.Lalnunpuia Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
346 TT Duhtinthluaii Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
347 V.Samson Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
348 R.K.Singh Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
349 T.I.Singh Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
350 KH Chandra Singh Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
351 I.Mercy Sironmani Lecturer, Govt.  HSS, Saiha  
352 Lalrawngbawla Headmaster, Aizawl H.S  
353 T. Paawia Headmaster, Bawngkawn H.S  
354 C. Lalhluna Headmaster, Bethlehem H.S  
355 R. Laltanpuii Headmaster, Bungkawn H.S  
356 H.J. Thangruaia Headmaster, Ch.Chhunga H.S  
357 B. _ Headmaster, Dinthar H.S  
358 K. Zatlunga Headmaster, Durtlang H.S  
359 Lawmchhungi Headmaster, Hrangchhuana H.S  
360 B. Vanlalzauva Headmaster, Hrangchhunga H.S  
361 J.N. Mazi Headmaster, Keifang H.S  
362 Lalthangliana Hychho Headmaster, Kulikawn H.S  
363 _ Headmaster, KVM  H.S  
364 K.I. Reginold Headmaster, Lengpui H.S  
365 Lalrintluangi Tochhong Headmaster, Model H.S  
366 Lalrinmawii Headmaster, Pianghleia H.S  
367 Zohmangaihi Headmaster, R.M. H.S  
368 Lalrampari Headmaster, S. Hlimen. H.S  
369 R.K. Sharma Headmaster, Sairang H.S  
370 Ch. Sanglura Headmaster, Sihphir. H.S  
371 P.C. Sinha Headmaster, Rulchawm. H.S  
372 Lalhmunliana Headmaster, Tanhril. H.S  
373 Lalpianthanga Headmaster, Thingsulthliah. H.S  
374 C. Lalnuntluanga Headmaster, Tlungvel. H.S  
375 Lalrammawia  Headmaster, Mizo H.S  
376 C. Vanmuana Headmaster, Central H.S  
377 H. Lalbiakveli Headmaster, Chaltlang  H.S  
378 P.C. Liankimi Headmaster, J.L . H.S  
379 Thanthuami Headmaster, K.M. H.S  
380 Lalrinpuii Headmaster, Mamawii H.S  
381 Lalhmangaihi Ralte Headmaster, Republic H.S  
382 C. Lalpari Headmaster, Saitual H.S  
383 H. Zalawra Headmaster, Zemabawk H.S  
384 Pazawna Tochhawng Headmaster, Awithangpa H.S,
385 T.C. Biakhluna Headmaster, Aizawl 'E' H.S  
386 C. _ Headmaster, Chawnpui H.S  
387 Rakesh Kumari Headmaster, Darlawn H.S  
388 H.J Thangruaia Headmaster, Darlung H.S  
389 Lalthangfala Sailo Headmaster, Falkawn H.S  
390 Nirmal K. Pun Headmaster, Gorkha H.S  
391 Zirkima Headmaster, Kanghmun H.S  
392 C. Lalzuithanga Headmaster, Khawrihnim H.S  
393 Vanlallura Headmaster, Lungleng H.S  
394 Hmingchungnunga Headmaster, Maubawk H.S  
395 K. _ Headmaster, Melriat H.S  
396 TC. Lalzauva Headmaster, Phuaibuang H.S  
397 K. _ Headmaster, Samlukhai H.S  
398 Mankunga Headmaster, Sakawrtuichhun
399 Lalthanfala Headmaster, Sateek H.S  
400 Hemanta Kumar Das Headmaster, Sialsuk H.S  
401 F. Rodinga Headmaster, Sumsuih H.S  
402 Liandinga Headmaster, Tinzagina H.S,
403 Lalrokima Headmaster, Tuisualral H.S,
404 Lalhluna Headmaster, Mualthuam 'N' H.S  
405 Lalzuithanga Headmaster, Bazar  H.S,
406 ZD. Zoramthara Headmaster, Zotlang H.S,
407 K. Sanghmingliana Headmaster, Zohnuai H.S,
408 C. Thanghuma Headmaster, Rahsi Veng H.S
409 C.H. Liandula Headmaster, Venglai H.S,
410 R. Malsawma  Headmaster Liantawna H.S.
411 J. Neihhnuna Headmaster Thingsai H.S  
412 Dengsailovi Zadeng Headmaster Lunglei H.S  
413 Vanlalhliri Sailo Headmaster Hnahthial H.S  
414 MDY. Alam Headmaster Chawngte 'L' H.S  
415 Umesh Kumar Headmaster Tipperaghat H.S  
416 P.C. Lallawmzuala Headmaster Electric Veng H.S,
417 CH. Biakhnema Headmaster Lungsen H.S  
418 C. Lalliansanga Headmaster Muallianpui H.S  
419 C. Lalthanpuia Headmaster S. Vanlaiphai H.S  
420 C. Chalnghaka Headmaster Thiltlang H.S  
421 C. Zatha Headmaster Tlabung H.S  
422 V. Lawmzuala Headmaster Leitlangpui H.S  
423 V. Lalsiama Headmaster Sawikunga H.S.
424 H.T. Rokhuma Headmaster Southern  H.S.
425 M.C. Duhthanga Headmaster, Cherhlun H.S  
426 Lalhliri Headmaster, Theiriat H.S  
427 Chawngkhuma Headmaster Chhipphir H.S.  
428 Thanzuali Headmaster Vairengte H.S.  
429 G.S Zaithantluanga Headmaster Diakkawn H.S.  
430 B.D. Koner Headmaster Kawnpui H.S.  
431 D.K. Ghosh Headmaster Saiphai  H.S.  
432 S.C. Koner Headmaster Thingdawl H.S.  
433 Ashok Kumar Shah Headmaster Bairabi H.S.  
434 C. Vanlalliana Headmaster Nisapui H.S.  
435 C. Dengthuama Headmaster N. Hlimen H.S.  
436 Lalduhawm Tochhawng Headmaster P.M, H.S, Lungdai  
437 T.T. Laltanpuia Headmaster, Democratic H.S., Khumtung  
438 Lalduhawma Headmaster, PCR H.S., Serchhip  
439 K. Zoramchhani Headmaster Chhiahtlang H.S  
440 J.L. Thanzawna Headmaster Lallengvunga H.S. Thenzawl  
441 S. Vanlalchhuanga Headmaster, Serchhip H.S  
442 Lalzuiliana Headmaster, J.M H.S., Serchhip  
443 K. Lalhmachhuani Headmaster, Chhingchhip H.S  
444 C. Remsanga Headmaster, Bungtlang H.S  
445 L.D. Rosera Headmaster, Thenzawl H.S  
446 H. Lalfelkima Headmaster, Bungthuam H.S  
447 W.B. Sunder Singh Headmaster, Rawpuichhip H.S  
448 Priya Wansa Headmaster, Marpara H.S  
449 Roremsanga Ralte Headmaster, Tuidam H.S  
450 Lalnunthara Headmaster, Mamit H.S  
451 R. Lalnunthari Headmaster, Zamuang H.S.  
452 Pawlremthanga Headmaster, Kanhmun H.S  
453 Zed _ Headmaster, K.R H.S,
454 Hrangthankhumi Headmaster, Kawrthah H.S  
455 C. Rodala Headmaster, Rabung H.S  
456 C. Rosiama Headmaster, Champhai H.S  
457 V.VL. Nghaka Headmaster, Ngur H.S  
458 Vanlalrawna Headmaster, Khawhai H.S  
459 Vanramnghaka Headmaster, T.M. H.S, Zote  
460 J. Ringzuala Headmaster, Ruantlang  H.S  
461 K. Lalbuatsaiha Headmaster, G.M H.S,
462 Hmingthanzama Hauhnar Headmaster, Khuangleng H.S  
463 R. Ratlawma Headmaster, Kawlkulh H.S  
464 Kamal Kumari Thapa Headmaster, Chawngtlai H.S  
465 J. Changliana Headmaster, Ngopa  H.S  
466 C. Roliana Headmaster, Siaha H.S, Saiha  
467 T.T. Zahmo Headmaster, Phura H.S  
468 Nungo Azyu Headmaster, Saiha H.S  
469 F.L. John Headmaster, Region H.S,
470 S.R. Chakma Headmaster, Kamalanagar H.S  
471 Sanghluta Lawtlai Headmaster, Chanmari H.S,
472 B.T. Jerry Zohup Headmaster, Diltlang H.S  
473 K. Lalrintluangi Headmaster, Chawngte 'P' H.S  
474 Vanlalhlupuii Fanai Headmaster, Southern Public
 H.S., Lawngtlai
475 Sadhu Dan Chakma Headmaster, Borapansuri H.S  
476 J. N. Ngunchuaia Headmaster, Lai H.S, Vawmbuk  
477 H. Sanghaia Headmaster, Ramthar H.S.Lungpher  
478 B. Lalmuankima Headmaster, Bungtlang 'S' H.S  
479 Andrew K. Zahluna Headmaster, Bethel H.S., Pangkhua  
480 Ch. Khawpuimawia Aizawl Venglai M/S  
481 Lalthianghlima Armed Veng M/S  
482 Lalliantluanga Sailo Bawngkawn M/S - I  
483 R. Hmingmawia Bawngkawn M/S - II  
484 Shamsher Kumar B.B. Nepali M/S  
485 C. Zairema Bethlehem Vengthlang M/S-I  
486 Lalrindika Bethlehem Vengthlang M/S-II  
487 Liansangi Bethlehem M/S  
488 J. Ramtinthiauva Bible M/S  
489 H. Zathuama B.M. M/S, Ramhlun  
490 Lalpiangthara Chaltlang M/S  
491 K. Vanlalsiama Chhinga Veng M/S  
492 Lalhmangaiha Sailo C.Z. Huala M/S  
493 H. Challiana Durtlang M/S - I  
494 Hawilopari Durtlang M/S - II  
495 Roliana Chenkual Durtlang M/S - III  
496 Lalthawmliana Varte Durtlang M/S - IV  
497 Lallungmuana Electric M/S  
498 R. Lalthangliana Endala M/S, Ramhlun  
499 _ I.T.I. M/S  
500 Sawmthangi L.M. M/S, Muthi  
501 Ngurnghinglova Laipuitlang M/S  
502 C. Zalianchhunga Muma M/S, Armed Veng  
503 K. Lalthawmmawia P.Z. M/S,  Chaltlang  
504 Lalhruaikima DIET Practising M/S  
505 Sawithangi Ramhlun M/S  
506 PC. Lawmzuala Ramhlun 'S' M/S  
507 J. Vanlaldika Ramthar M/S  
508 Rokamlova Ramthar 'N' M/S  
509 B. Laithankhuma Republic Vengthlang M/S  
510 C. Lalrinzuala Republic M/S - II  
511 C. _ R.K. M M/S  
512 S. Rochama Saron M/S  
513 P. Vetthanga Selesih M/S  
514 HC. Lalsangzuala T.S. M/S, Thuampui  
515 Rosangzuala Ralte Tuithiang M/S  
516 K. Lalthazuala Venghlui M/S  
517 Lalbiakliana Zemabawk M/S  
518 Rinhmachhuana Zuangtui M/S  
519 T. Sanglura Tlungvel M/S - II  
520 H. Thangluaia Tlungvel M/S - I  
521 K. Laltlanzauva Thingsulthliah M/S - III  
522 H. Laltanpuia Thingsulthliah M/S - II  
523 C. Lalthanpuia Thingsulthliah M/S - I  
524 Lalrema Sihphir M/S - I  
525 Lalzuiliana Ralte Sihphir M/S - II  
526 M. Gangte Sihphir Vengthar M/S  
527 Lalhuliana Sesawng M/S  
528 Lalchhanhima Chhangte Seling M/S  
529 VL. Hmunluahpuia Lalhnam M/S  
530 P. Battacharjee Combined M/S, Zarkawt  
531 Saichhunga Dawrpui Vengthar M/S  
532 H. Lalringliana Sakawrtuichhun M/S  
533 R. Vanlallawma Mission Vengthlang M/S  
534 K. Saliankapa Govt. M/S, Nursery  
535 Lalchhuanawma Varte Govt. TBL M/S, Khatla  
536 Lalthanmawia Tanhril M/S - I  
537 Lalzawta Govt. Reiek M/S  
538 C. Thantluanga Thanbuka M/S  
539 H. Malsawma Tuikual 'N' M/S  
540 K. Zanghina Chawlhhmun M/S  
541 K. Lalhmachhuana Ailawng M/S  
542 Remsiama Pachuau Lawipu M/S  
543 PB. Lianzama Vaivakawn M/S  
544 H. Biakchhunga Chanmari 'W' M/S  
545 J. Lalparlawmi Dinthar M/S - I  
546 J. Remtluanga S. Sabual M/S  
547 Chawnghuliana Govt. Boys M/S  
548 Lalhmingmawia Sailo Bungkawn Vengthar M/S  
549 Lianthangpuia Hunthar M/S  
550 Rosangluaia Sailo Chanmari M/S  
551 Remthanga Pautu Rulpuihlim M/S  
552 H. Thanhranga Chhakchhuak Luangmual M/S  
553 Lalherliana Mualhlun Zonuam M/S  
554 Zonunsanga Darlung M/S  
555 Rothangpuia Lungphun M/S  
556 Vanlalruata Sailo Lengpui M/S - II  
557 Lalhruaitluanga Sairang M/S  
558 V. Lalsiamthara Sairang Modern M/S  
559 R. Vanramngaii Lungverh M/S  
560 JH. Vanlalhuma Edenthar M/S  
561 Zairemmawia Lengpui M/S - I  
562 Raj Kumar Kawar Khatla Nepali M/S  
563 Vanlalliana Rangvamual M/S  
564 H. Laldintluanga Tanhril M/S - II  
565 Malsawmtluangi Govt. Complex M/S  
566 H. Lalnunsangi Maubawk M/S - I  
567 R. _ Chawnpui M/S  
568 Vanlalmawii Tuikual 'S' M/S  
569 Lalthuamluaia Khawrihnim M/S  
570 Liantluanga Bawitlung Kanan M/S  
571 Lalsailova Kanghmun M/S  
572 H. Lalsangliani Zotlang M/S  
573 K. Laltlanzovi Dinthar M/S - II  
574 K. Roliankimi W. Lungdar M/S  
575 Zachungnunga Kelsih M/S  
576 T.Lalmuana Phulpui M/S  
577 Lalawmliana Melriat M/S  
578 R.Lalnunzira Sailam M/S  
579 F.Biakchhunga Maubuang M/S  
580 J.F Lalzama Saikhamakawn M/S  
581 C.Laltlanliana Tachhip M/S  
582 Thangrimawia Lamchhip M/S  
583 Varlianzuala Salem M/S  
584 H.Lalnunmawia VZBM M/S, Tlangnuam  
585 H.Laltlanchhunga Hlimen M/S-I  
586 _ Kulikawn M/S  
587 C.Vanlalchaka Chawilung M/S  
588 Lallawmzuala Hlimen M/S-II  
589 H.T Lalchawimawia Samtlang M/S  
590 H.Lalrammawia Sateek M/S  
591 Z.Lalnuntluanga Aibawk M/S  
592 Lalchhuanawma Ngente Hualngohmun M/S  
593 R.Kapluia Muallungthu M/S  
594 T.Zoliana Samlukhai M/S  
595 V.Rok_ Lungleng-I M/S  
596 Hrangzawna Falkawn M/S  
597 Thangsiama Ralte N.Lungleng M/S  
598 K.Lalmingliana Sialsuk M/S-I  
599 H._ Venghnuai M/S  
600 Zohmangaihi Thiak M/S  
601 B. Vanlalsiama Sialsuk M/S-II  
602 J.Lalrinkima Sumsuih M/S  
603 Lalbiakliana Govt. M/S - II, Khawruhlian  
604 Kapthianga Govt. M/S, Serzawl  
605 K. _ Govt. M/S, Khanpui  
606 Lianchhingpuia Govt. M/S, Pehlawn  
607 Zothangruaia Chalfilh Govt. M/S, E.Phaileng  
608 R. Lalhmuaki Govt. M/S, Kepran  
609 Letthanga Govt. M/S, Sawleng  
610 Lalbula Govt. M/S - II, Suangpuilawn  
611 JH. Chawnghmunte Govt. M/S, Lamherh  
612 Lalthanpuia Ralte Govt. Model M/S, Darlawn   
613 T. Thangtluanga Public M/S, Darlawn  
614 Vanlaltluanga Govt. M/S, N. Serzawl  
615 Lianzuala Govt. M/S, N. Vervek  
616 C. Lalramhluna Govt. M/S, Zohmun  
617 Hrangkapthanga Govt. Liando M/S, Zohmun  
618 Richard Lalropuia Govt. M/S, Mauchar  
619 Lalthankima Govt. M/S, North Tinghmun  
620 Rohmingliani Hrahsel Govt. M/S - I, Ratu  
621 PC. Lalthanpuii Govt. M/S, Darlawn  
622 C. Rophira Govt. M/S, Ruallung  
623 T. Zoramthanga Govt. M/S, Tawizo  
624 Ramzauliana Govt. M/S - II, Khawlian  
625 Lalthangmawia Govt. M/S - II, Phullen  
626 H. Lalringliana Govt. M/S, Rulchawm  
627 H. Siamhnuna Govt. M/S, Sihfa  
628 C. Lalthazuala Govt. M/S - II, Saitual  
629 K. Tlangrema Govt. M/S, Maite  
630 C. Lalhuapzauva Govt. M/S, Tualbung  
631 RK. Zoramchhuana Govt. M/S - III, Saitual  
632 Vanlalmuana Govt. William Booth M/S, Saitual  
633 H. Lalthlengliana Govt. M/S, Mualpheng  
634 K. Thuamzika Govt. M/S, NE. Khawdungsei  
635 C. Lalnghahmawia Govt. M/S - I, Phullen  
636 C. Lalramsanga Govt. M/S, Zawngin  
637 T. Ginzamuana Govt. M/S, Lenchim  
638 B. Laltanpuia Govt. M/S, Luangpawn  
639 F. Buangzika Govt. M/S, Thanglailung  
640 Lalbiakzauva Govt. M/S, - I, Saitual  
641 C. Rodinga Govt. S. Tej Singh M/S  
642 CVL. Malsawma Govt. M/S - I, Keifang  
643 JM. Suandochin Vanzau Govt. M/S  
644 PB. Rosanga Dungtlang Govt. M/S  
645 DJ. Kapliana Govt. M/S, Champhai  
646 C. Laldinthara Lianpui Govt. M/S  
647 F. Lalramliana Hmunhmeltha Govt. M/S  
648 SB. Ngindokapa Sesih Govt. M/S  
649 VL. Rochhari Vengthlang Govt. M/S, Cpi  
650 T. Vanlalngura Bungzung Govt. M/S  
651 K. Lalbiakkunga Roseland Govt. M/S, Cpi  
652 Thangchungnunga Khuangthing Govt. M/S  
653 KT. Vanlalliana Khuangleng Govt. M/S  
654 C. Kaphranga Sazep Govt. M/S  
655 KC. Doliana Vangchhia Govt. M/S  
656 H. Lalbiakkunga Leithum Govt. M/S  
657 F. Vanlalrosanga Leithum Govt. M/S  
658 H. Liannghinglova Khankawn Govt. M/S  
659 TBC. Biakthansanga Zote M/S, Champhai  
660 Lalkaithanga L.M. M/S, Champhai  
661 KT. Vanlalchhuana N. Hruaikawn M/S  
662 _ Hruaikawn Govt. M/S  
663 F. Lalthantluanga Tuipui Govt. M/S  
664 Lalvena Khiangte Vengsang M/S, Champhai  
665 F. Lalramliana Zawlsei M/S  
666 LH. Lalngaiha Ngur Govt. M/S  
667 Lalchhuanawma Fanai Kanan Govt. M/S, Champhai  
668 C. Lalfela K.M. Govt. M/S, Khawbung  
669 C. Pakunga Vengthar M/S, Champhai  
670 T. Sangtluanga Tlangsam M/S  
671 BK. Lalnuntluanga Bulfekzawl M/S  
672 H. Vanlalrawna New Champhai M/S  
673 C. Saihnuna Govt. M/S, Farkawn  
674 Ngursailova Melbuk M/S  
675 Lalchungnunga Sailo Dilkawn M/S  
676 P. Lalhmingthanga N. Khawbung M/S  
677 Lalthuthlungliana Suante Murlen M/S  
678 C. Lalmuankima Tualcheng M/S  
679 Thangzuala Khalthang Buang M/S  
680 C. Zakanglova Fiaratui M/S, Vaphai  
681 A. Rualkhuma Hmar Electric Govt. M/S, Champhai  
682 T. Zabuanga Vaphai Govt. M/S  
683 H. Lalzova Venglai M/S, Champhai  
684 Saihmingthangi Bethel Govt. M/S, Champhai  
685 PC. Lalrintluanga Mizoram State Govt. M/S, Hnahlan  
686 L. Rochhunga Zotlang Govt. M/S  
687 Lalhmangaiha Khiangte Ruantlang Govt. M/S  
688 C. Lalremliana Vapar Govt. M/S  
689 Sony Rothanga R.M. Govt. M/S, Farkawn  
690 Lalnipuii Tochhawng Khawbung Govt. M/S  
691 F. Lalzemawia Kelkang Govt. M/S  
692 _ NE. Khawdungsei M/S - I  
693 Lalthanpara Teikhang M/S  
694 Ramnghingloiana Tlangpui M/S  
695 Lalsailova Modern M/S, Biate  
696 PC. Thangchhinga New Khawlek M/S  
697 Kawlliana Kawlni Govt. M/S, Biate  
698 K. Lianhnuna Neihdawn M/S  
699 Lalchuailova Vangtlang M/S  
700 Zopari Renthlei Lungtan M/S  
701 H. Vanlalngaia Tualpui M/S  
702 Vanlalrawna L.F. M/S, Khawzawl  
703 PC. Lallawma Ngaizawl M/S  
704 C. Lalengvara Govt. M/S, Khawhai  
705 PC. Vanlalzauva Kawnzar M/S, Khawzawl  
706 Lalremchhunga Khiangte New Chalrang M/S  
707 Vanlalchhara Tlangmawi M/S  
708 K. Lalthlamuana Lamzawl M/S  
709 K. Kamluaia Selam M/S  
710 R. Laldika Kawlkulh M/S - II  
711 R. Lalhmingthanga Chhawrtui M/S  
712 R. Lalramlawma Dulte M/S  
713 K. Chawngzama Chiahpui M/S  
714 H. Lallawmzuala NE. Khawdungsei M/S - II  
715 V. Nghaksanga Kawlkulh M/S - II  
716 H. Lalbiakdawla Hliappui M/S - II  
717 K. _ Ngopa M/S - II  
718 Lalnghinglova Modern M/S, Khawzawl  
719 K. Rodingliani Ngopa M/S - I  
720 Lalchhuanliana Hrianghmun M/S  
721 Lalhmingthanga Hermon M/S, Khawzawl  
722 Suakhnuna Kawlni Chalrang M/S  
723 H. Buangthanga Khazawl M/S - II  
724 Lalrinsanga Chhinlung M/S, Sialhawk  
725 C. Lalbiakkunga Vanchengpui M/S  
726 Lalthakima Zote Hliappui M/S - I  
727 C. Zonunsangi Khawzawl Govt. M/S  
728 C. Vanlalluri Saichal M/S  
729 Thangkima Govt. M/S - II, Bilkhawthlir  
730 PC. Vanlalruata Govt. Venglai M/S, Kolasib  
731 Kapkima Govt. M/S - I, Bilkhawthlir  
732 Lalrintluanga Govt. M/S, Phaisen  
733 R. Vanlalmuka Govt. Selluaii M/S, Kolasib  
734 R. Siakenga Govt. M/S - I, Vairengte  
735 Zasiama Govt. M/S, Phainuam  
736 Lalhmingliana  Govt. M/S - II, Bairabi  
737 Lalrochhunga Kawlni Govt. M/S - III, Vairengte  
738 Darkhuma Govt. M/S - II, Vairengte  
739 CMS. Dawngliana Govt. M/S, Diakkawn, Kolasib  
740 Richungnunga Pulamte Govt. M/S, Saipum  
741 K. _ Govt. M/S - I, Bilkhawthlir  
742 C. Lalrinkima Govt. Chawngfianga M/S, Kolasib  
743 _ Govt. M/S - II, Thingdawl  
744 H. Lalremliana Govt. M/S-II, Diakkawn, Kolasib  
745 R. _ Govt. M/S, Vengthar, Kolasib  
746 James Lalthlamuana Govt. Chawngfianga M/S, Kolasib  
747 _ Ngente Govt. M/S - I, Thingdawl  
748 HS. Ramliansangi Govt. M/S, Meidum  
749 Lalnuntluanga Govt. Khianga M/S, Kolasib  
750 Mamata Thapa Govt. DS Gorka M/S, Kolasib  
751 R. Lalzokima Govt. TS. Luaia M/S, Kolasib  
752 Mangsailova Kawnpui M/S -II  
753 Fimrokunga Fimate Bukpui M/S  
754 PC. Lalzama Nisapui M/S  
755 Sawiliana Chawngthu Serkhan M/S  
756 PK. Rozuala Lungdai M/S - II  
757 Zairemmawia Mang Chuaia M/S, Hortoki  
758 C. Lalngaihawma Lungmuat M/S  
759 JC. _ Kawnpui M/S - I  
760 Lalthangliana Kawnpui M/S - III  
761 C. Lalruatliana Lungdai M/S - I  
762 H. Pazawna N. Hlimen M/S  
763 C. Lalrinzuala RL. Kamlala M/S, Bualpui  
764 K. Lalmalsawma N. Chaltlang M/S  
765 Damthuama Khiangte Zanlawn M/S  
766 T. Laltlanliana Khumtung M/S  
767 C. Lalropuia Bungtlang M/S - II  
768 V. Tlangthuama Serchhip Govt. M/S  
769 H. Lianhnuna Serchhip Modern M/S  
770 Sangchhawni Chhingchhip Central M/S  
771 H. Sangliana Serchhip Ramlai M/S  
772 R. Zothanzuala Chhiahtlang National M/S  
773 F. Aihnuna Keitum M/S  
774 Lalhmunsangi B. Bukpui M/S  
775 Lalthianga Sialhau M/S  
776 Darrivunga Hmuntha M/S  
777 C. Lalthlanthara Khawbel M/S  
778 T. Zapuithanga Serchhip L.M. M/S  
779 C. Lalhmingmawia Hualtu M/S  
780 P. Lalawmpuia Chhingchhip M/S - I  
781 Zohmingthanga Colney Rullam M/S  
782 Lalchungnunga Thinglian M/S  
783 T. Lalhmingliana Serchhip Chanmari M/S  
784 Vanlalremi Serchhip Midland M/S  
785 Zosangliani Chhiahtlang M/S  
786 CK. Vanlalbiaka Ngentiang M/S  
787 S. _ Hmunzawl M/S  
788 VL. Sawma Tochhawng Bungtlang M/S - I  
789 C. Hranghnuna Serchhip Model M/S  
790 C. Lalchangliana Baktawng M/S - I  
791 T. Pahlira Baktawng M/S - II  
792 L. Zoramtana New Serchhip M/S  
793 R. Vanlalhluna Chhingchhip M/S - II  
794 F. Lalthanzama Govt. M/S, N. Vanlaiphai  
795 C. Rochungnunga Govt. M/S, Mualcheng  
796 F. Vanramngaia Govt. M/S, Lungkawlh  
797 C. Biakdawla Govt. M/S - I, E. Lungdar  
798 Siamhmingthanga Govt. M/S - I, K_ilung  
799 Sangkhuma Govt. M/S, Piler  
800 R. Lalchungnunga Govt. M/S, Leng  
801 JT. Lalberema Govt. M/S, Sailulak  
802 C. Krosthangi Govt. M/S - II, K_ilung  
803 Lalhumliana Govt. M/S, Sialsir  
804 VZ. Rosiama Govt. Standard M/S, Thenzawl  
805 C. Lalramchhana Govt. M/S, Thenzawl  
806 C. Lalzarliana Govt. M/S, Chhipphuir  
807 PC. Lalropuia Govt. Zoram M/S, Thenzawl  
808 B. Rohmingliana Govt. Zoram M/S, Thenzawl  
809 R. Lalsawmliana Govt. M/S, Zote 'S'  
810 V. Zahmingthanga Govt. M/S, Neihloh  
811 H. Thangnghinglova Govt. M/S, Buangpui  
812 C. Zohmingliana Gospel Centenary M/S, Chhipphir  
813 J. Chawnghmingthanga Agape M/S, Mamit  
814 Ralzinga Chuhvel M/S  
815 HK. Kuilya Dampui M/S  
816 PC. Lalringliana Darlak M/S  
817 Vanlalmuana Hmunpui M/S  
818 F. Lalnunthara Lengte M/S  
819 Ronghakliana Chhangte Mamit M/S - I  
820 PC. Lalthianghlima Mamit M/S - II  
821 Lalmuankima Mamit M/S - III  
822 H. Lalkhawliana Rawpuichhip M/S  
823 PC. Vanlalsiama Suarhliap M/S  
824 Lalnuntluanga Tuahzawl M/S  
825 FC. Lalramliana Pukzing M/S  
826 Lalliantluanga Phuldungsei M/S  
827 J. Lalthatluanga Lallen M/S  
828 Lalhmachhuana W. Phaileng M/S  
829 Sangchhunga Saithah M/S  
830 B. Lalhuapzauva W. Phaileng M/S - II  
831 T. Kaihnuna Damparengpui M/S  
832 _ Ngente T.M. M/S, Chhippui  
833 Sneha Lal Chakma Tuipuibari M/S  
834 Kishor Rangya Silsury M/S  
835 Beiseia Ngente Parvatui M/S  
836 K. Lalhmingthanga Govt. M/S - I, Rengdil  
837 VL. Sawmliana Govt. M/S, Bawrai  
838 VL. Roluahpuii Govt. M/S, Tuidam  
839 Darthangliana Govt. M/S - I, Kawtethawveng  
840 Lalduhawma  Govt. M/S - II, Rengdil  
841 Lalropiangi Govt. M/S - II, Kawtethawveng  
842 Zahmingthanga Govt. M/S, Thinghlun  
843 Lalkhawnghinga Govt. M/S, Serhmun  
844 Lalbiakthanga Govt. M/S - I, Kawrthah  
845 F. Lalramhluna Govt. M/S, Zamuang  
846 _ Govt. M/S, Bungthuam  
847 R. Lalrokima Govt. M/S - II, Zawlnuam  
848 Sanglianmawia Govt. M/S - I, Zawlnuam  
849 H. Lalmalsawma Govt. M/S, Bunghmun  
850 H. Laltanpuia Govt. M/S, Sertlangpui  
851 Ramdinpuia Govt. M/S, Serkawn  
852 HS. Lalfakzuala Govt. M/S, Thuampui
(attch. to DEO Office, Lunglei)
853 Lalthianghlima Govt. M/S, Dengsur  
854 Lalhmingliana Khiangte  Govt. M/S, Bazar Veng  
855 PC. Rochhuma Govt. M/S, Bualpui 'V'  
856 Lalduhawma Rokhum Govt. M/S, Buarpui  
857 R. Lalruala Govt. M/S, Standard Buarpui  
858 PC. Vanlalnghaka Govt. M/S, Standard Buarpui  
859 Lalramropuia Govt. M/S - II, Pukpui  
860 R. Lalramsanga Govt. M/S, Ramlaitui  
861 C. Hrangvunga Govt. M/S, Sekhum  
862 V. Laltanpuia Govt. M/S, Zotlang  
863 _ Govt. M/S, Vanhne  
864 K. Lianhmingthanga Govt. M/S, Venghlun  
865 C. Laltlansanga Govt. M/S, Venglai  
866 VL. Hmangaiha Govt. M/S, Luangmual  
867 C. Lalremsiama Govt. M/S, Mualthuam 'N'  
868 LH. Biakthansanga Govt. M/S, Changpui  
869 K. Lallawmpuia Govt. M/S, College Veng  
870 R. Buatsaiha Govt. M/S, DIET Practising  
871 Zohranga Govt. M/S, Lungchem  
872 R. Lalbiakmawia Govt. M/S - I, Pukpui  
873 V. Lalngaia Govt. M/S - I, Rahsi Veng  
874 Malsawma Sailo Govt. M/S - II, Rahsi Veng  
875 F. Lalthlengliana Govt. M/S, Sazaikawn  
876 Ngurhlunchhunga Govt. M/S, Serte  
877 B. Rozawna Govt. M/S, Zohnuai  
878 R. Lalchawimawia Govt. M/S, Zokhawsang, Haulawng  
879 C. Lallianzama Govt. M/S, Zotuitlang  
880 C. Vanlalmaka Govt. M/S, Bunghmun  
881 PC. Lalbiakliana Govt. M/S, Laisawral  
882 VL. Hmangaiha Govt. M/S, Luangmual  
883 HS. Zosangliana Govt. M/S, Electric Veng  
884 T. Zachhunga  Govt. M/S, Tawipui 'S'  
885 F. Chhunzami Govt. M/S, Theiriat  
886 T. Lalbiaktluanga Govt. M/S, Vaisam  
887 PC. Lianbuanga  Govt. M/S, Lunglawn  
888 R. Lalhmingsanga Govt. M/S - I, Zobawk  
889 C. Vanhmingthanga Govt. JNM M/S, Electric Veng  
890 C. Zosangliana Govt. M/S, Mualcheng 'S'  
891 C. Saihmingliana Govt. PK M/S, Chanmari,Lli  
892 R. _ Govt. M/S - II, Zobawk  
893 PC. _ Govt. M/S, Ralvawng  
894 Lalhmangaihzuala Mt. Hermon M/S  
895 S. Sanglura Govt. M/S, Mualthuam 'S'  
896 H. Tluangkima Govt. DM M/S, Theiriat  
897 H. Vanlalsawma Lungrang M/S  
898 RL. Chhuanawma Thualthu M/S  
899 MC. Raltawna Tawipui N - II M/S  
900 PC. Lallianzara Sethlun M/S  
901 L. Lalramliana Thingfal M/S  
902 J. Zothanpuii Rangte M/S  
903 K. Lalmuanthanga Bualte M/S  
904 Jony Lalkhawliana Rualalung M/S  
905 Sailothanga Sailo Thaizawl M/S  
906 Tlanhmingthanga Tawipui N - I M/S  
907 K. Zokailiana LCM M/S  
908 B. Muanchungnunga Bethlehem M/S, Electric Veng  
909 C. Laihnuna Govt. M/S - I, Pangzawl  
910 R. Thanchungnunga Govt. M/S - II, Pangzawl  
911 R. Zohlira Govt. M/S, Muallianpui  
912 C. Rodingliana Govt. M/S, Rawpui  
913 S. Lalthanzuala Govt. RKM M/S, S.Vanlaiphai  
914 Lalbiakthanga Govt. Indira M/S, Hnahthial  
915 B. Lalchamliana Govt. M/S, Darzo  
916 Vanlalzuia Govt. M/S, Leite  
917 C. Darhmingthanga Govt. M/S, S. Chawngtui  
918 H. Zasiami Govt. M/S, Bualpui 'H'  
919 Tialkunga Govt. M/S, New Ngharchhip  
920 HC. Thanchungnunga Govt. Model M/S, Hnahthial  
921 Lalbelzuala Govt. M/S, Hnahthial  
922 R. Lalzarzova Govt. M/S, Rotlang 'E'  
923 V. Rotluanga Govt. ZRT M/S, Cherhlun  
924 R. Lalnunmawia Govt. M/S, Tuipui 'D'  
925 V. Lalnunsanga Govt. M/S, Chawilung  
926 HSK. Chakma Govt. M/S, Diblibagh  
927 Bimal Chandra Dey Govt. M/S, Kalapani  
928 C. Hrangdingliana Govt. M/S - I, Lungsen  
929 Sushen Kumar Chakma Govt. M/S, Nunsury  
930 Bokul Moni Chakma Govt. M/S, Tipperaghat  
931 Kawlkunga Kawlni Govt. M/S, Tlabung  
932 Zodinpuii Govt. M/S, Zodin Tlabung